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"Aphram is probably the most knowledgeable accountant I've encountered in the greater Los Angeles area. Whether it's for business bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, 401k/ retirement, health insurance, workers compensation, human resources, or just personal taxes, he provides a service that's a step above the rest. Most accountants I've come across offer just a few services, but Aphram offers the entire spectrum of anything you could think of, and his prices are more competitive than what I'm used to seeing in the LA area. I'm very pleased with how helpful he is, and he's always looking out for your best interests, unlike a lot of other accountants."

— Chandler B., Associate District Manager



“Walked in into a low key two story building, got directed to go upstairs to KBE taxes office, greeted with a big smile and a warm handshake, I handed him my stack of papers, he asked me to sit down right next to him, and proceeded to explain step by step what was happening and what he was typing on those forms, he treated me like a person and a friend, not another number, Aphram made it so easy and painless, from now on he is my TAXMAN...Thanks KBE!!!"

Miguel V. Self Employed

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